Creative minds and
problem solvers by heart

Luna in a nutshell

• Based in Munich

• Operating worldwide

• Experienced veterans

• Astronaut’s constitution

• Valuable in all project phases

• Fun to work with 😎

Driven by curiosity.
Fuled by passion.

Stephan Hofmann

Partner & Head of Tech

Manuel Perez Prada

Partner & Creative Director

Thor Unbescheid

Partner & Creative Director

Stephan Hofmann

Partner & Head of Tech

Manuel Perez Prada

Partner & Creative Director

Thor Unbescheid

Partner & Creative Director

We come with over a decade of experience in the fields of innovation, design and development – and we love challenges.

We founded companies, shaped startups and developed numerous products from start to finish for corporates. We saw some fail. We succeeded in many others.

So we know the grind. The good, the bad and the ugly. And we pair this earned pragmatic sense for reality with entrepreneurial experience and our wide ranging creative mind- and skillset to push boundaries and to connect dots across domains.

Never standing still

We are constantly exploring new technologies, processes and spaces to learn and grow in.
Having fun and providing constant value and inspiration for our business partners at the same time.

At home in Munich.
At work worldwide.

Companies our team worked for

with LUNA and previous engagements

Breaking with stereotypes

The “Astronaut’s constitution”.
The thing that makes us different.

Space endavours are relentless, complex, full of uncertainty and have to be highly efficient. Very small crews are sent to space to execute complex tasks with limited resources under adverse circumstances.
Therefore astronauts do not fit the box of generic stereotypes with “generalists” and “specialists”. They embody the best of both worlds with a polymath skillset. The same holds true for everyone at LUNA.
We persistently shape LUNA around this guiding principle and look for this rare trait in everyone joining our meticulous group of LUNAtics.


Having worked on hundreds of projects and on tough deadlines we know how to keep our cool and deliver quality work even during stressful conditions.

No delegation.
Quality execution.

No interns, trainees or juniors as this stands in contrast to our philosophy of the astronaut’s constitution. The partner you are talking to is the one doing the work.

First principles

Every new challenge is eyed with a beginner’s mind even if we have worked in the space before. Conditions change. So will solutions.

team players.

Never underestimate the human factor in longer projects. Teamwork and social empathy are key for a project’s success. And a bit of fun also never hurts.

Equipped to deal
with the unexpected.

Our interdisciplinary experience paired with our broad skillsets allow us to find pragmatic solutions for nearly every unexpected challenge along the way.


In the end, every astronaut is a highly skilled person yet with the wish to be strapped onto a rocket to redefine what is possible. We do share this spirit.

Astronauts are rare.
But they do exist!

So why does this matter?

The “Stairs Effect”

A sirious problem impacting quality, speed and costs of 99.9% of all projects - including yours!

Projects consist of phases involving different participants* over time.

After hundreds of projects we identified this as the #1 cause for two major problems with mentioned implications.

*Which is normal as many individuals possess specializations not needed in all phases. And building seasoned teams with comprehensive and varied abilities is no simple task.

Communication and knowledge breaks across project phases

During most phase transitions critical project knowledge gets distorted with new participants – like a photo copy of a photo copy – and additional ramp-up times are required.

The more “steps” occur the more project knowledge decays.

This results in redundancies, avoidable friction and more complex processes all impacting quality, cost and time-to-market.

Managing project participants instead of pushing the product

Project owners spend most of their valuable time keeping people and third parties aligned and on track.

And even if “full-service” consultancies are hired to reduce the amount of “moving parts” the first issue remains.
The “stairs effect” has just been moved to the internal – less visible – process of the consultancy where again various different individuals will work only on specific phases.

No matter if long term partner or emergency S.W.A.T. unit.
We get the job done.

We do not take the stairs.
We love to ride rockets.

Because of our broad skillsets and experience we can operate in a consistent and compact mission team across all project phases and can avoid the typical pitfalls of the “stairs effect”.

Hence we can carry projects from start to finish and beyond tailoring our approach to suit our client’s requirements – by expanding or supplementing client-side personnel, or even by serving as the entire project team.