Crafting digital & physical
product experiences

Product services

• Consumer Insights

• Product Strategy

• User Interface Design (UI)

• User Experience Design (UX)

• Industrial Design (ID)

• Software Development

• Prototyping & Testing

Like the two sides of the moon.
One cannot be without the other.
So we advice and deliver on both.




Interface Design

We design seamless digital experiences people love using. Our proven process covers all tasks from visual and motion design over ux design and prototyping and usability testing up until final implementation and product management.

Besides that our in-house software development is capable of developing (or co-developing) your final product.


Hard goods

Soft goods

Industrial Design

We design physical products from first innovative vision concepts over detailed 3D CAD modeling and prototyping to color-material-finish solutions and final implementation and quality assurance even on sight of production.

All to ensure a smooth development with maximum efficiency and as less friction as possible.


the Factor of revenue increase of top design driven companies compared to their industry counterparts

”The Business Value of Design” by McKinsey & Company

User centered design &
Consumer insights

Driving insights
and innovation
from a user perspective

Ethnographic Research
customer journeys
There are three major areas to innovate from. From a business, a technology and a user needs perspective. We are experts in the third one.

Lower the risk of failure and wasting resources by ensuring usability, relevance and meaningfulness of your product experiences.

We are equipped with a decade of experience and a strong user empathy and therefore help avoiding typical usability and experience pitfalls from day one.

In order to create more clarity and understanding on who users are, what they value and what drives them we deploy various consumer insights methodologies and tools.

Framing opportunities and mapping out
future strategies around questions like...
What are 10 low effort changes in our app to have positive impact on user retention?
How can we grow product revenue from our existing customer base?
Are there relevant applications of blockchain technology or web3 in our products?

We pair exceptional user experience design with a practical hands-on mentality

Clients our team worked for

Front- and backend development

We practice what we preach.
And yes, we speak code

Our development expertise enables fast prototyping as well as full product developments and therefore reduces bottle-necks in the process as less “moving parts” are required.

Additionally our deep development knowledge informs the design and ensures the feasability of concepts.


Interactive mockups

Early interactive simulations of designs, screen flows and transitions which are produced to iterate and test the product early on.

Mostly used internally and with key stakeholders of the project.

Functional prototypes

Coded prototypes showcase functional features – often in near final form – which are not “simulated” involving a business logic or backend.

Mostly used to validate technology and to test with a wider audience.

Final development

Depending on your needs our role in the final code development of the product differs. Either we develop the product in full or we support in its implementation.

Or we help guiding it by pushing and ensuring design consistency.

In-house testing

Test. Refine. Repeat.

We use mockups and prototypes for digital and physical products to quickly test and validate concepts with real users and stakeholders.

This enables an agile and efficient way of iterating designs during development. Minimize the risk of overinvesting efforts for too long on flawed concept directions or biased hypothesis.

How we work

Embarking on an agile journey

The phases we go through during product development.
Some projects require all while others only do need specific phases.