Sell better (stories)
with stunning visuals and animations

Content services

• 3D Visualisation (CGI)

• 3D Animation (CGI)

• Photo & Video Production

• AR & VR Production

• Art Direction

You have a product or brand
destined to leave a dent in the world.
Now what?

You have to sell it!

Visuals and animations for marketing and presentations

We help to tell your brand or product story in convincing and creative ways…

Outstanding content is more important than ever in our oversaturated media environment with its ever growing number of channels where everyone is fighting for attention.
Therefore the need for quality content is manyfold.

Product trailers


Social media content


Brand Vision Videos

AR/VR experiences

Pitch videos

Exhibition displays

… and many more

Real-life photo & video production

… by capturing real life impressions and emotions…

Our professional in-house photo and video production team is ideal when emotional content is needed.
Desired associations and moods can be conveyed in split seconds by showing use cases or products in the context of real people and environments.

Photo production

We art direct and produce brand and product imagery which can be used across a wide range of possible applications, like ads, website, packaging, press kits, presentations and much more.

Video production

Additionally we also art direct, produce and edit high quality video content ready to be used for your next marketing campaign, stakeholder presentation or digital product.
With our highend equipment we operate anywhere on the ground as well as from up in the air with our professional video drones.

Virtual 3D & CGI

… or simulating the future and do unseen and artistic compositions

Photorealistic CGI (Computer-Generated-Imagery) is not limited to Hollywood movies anymore. It can be used to create stunning content to showcase your next product or user interface. With the big advantage of production in parallel to product development!

Benefits of 3D images and animations

Based on 3D files we visualize products, environments and abstract scenes and bring them to life in photorealistic or abstract still images or animations. All we need are 3D files of your product/s which you either provide to us or we create them for you upon request.

Time and money.

Costs for locations and logistics multiply fast when more items, variations or later re-shots are required.

In contrast: setup 3D scenes can be re-used anytime with minimal effort.

Even the impossible.

Physical rules and typical process limitations do not apply.

Our process stays highly collaborative with previews and edits along the way. No dependencies from external factors.

Show more.
For less.

CGI enables the production of a high number of product variations and details with minimal budget impact.

Creating more assets for content hungry marketing channels.

Till the end. And beyond!

Last minute changes can be reflected in images and videos quickly and with minimal efforts – even after delivery!

No risk of either trashing material or having to do expensive re-shoots.


Mixed reality productions

If benefitial we do all of the above and blend realities

CGI expands the possiblities of regular photo and video productions. Therefore we are also capable to blend both productions if it is benefitial to tell the best possible story for your product, brand or business. In this context we differentiate three major levels of blending.

2D mixed realities

Combining photorealistic 3D visualisations with real photo and/or video footage for even more compelling content to share and present.

Augmented reality (AR)

Creating 3D content to be overlayed onto reality with AR glasses or cameras. Ideal for product presentations in real context or exhibitions. We also support the technical setup.

Virtual reality (VR)

Creating immersive virtual 3D content to be experienced with VR glasses. Ideal for product presentations in complete virtual environments or exhibitions. We also support the technical setup.

Parallel asset production

Accelerate and go to the moon.
When others still idle.

Thanks to 3D we create quality marketing assets while your product is still in the making. When we are involved in the product development this accelerates even further by reducing alignment bottle necks and linear dependencies. This increases time-to-market readiness tremendously.