Jira test automation plugin for increased DevOps sales

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Together with Testifi we designed and developed a Jira plugin of their existing software suite aimed at facilitating the streamlined creation and execution of automated software testing. By converting Testifi’s testing capabilities into a plugin compatible with Jira, we enabled easier access for a wider audience, significantly reducing the barrier to entry for Testifi’s software testing tools in existing DevOps processes. An efficient development strategy in close collaboration with the client team enabled a quick turn-around time within weeks until the product was available in the Jira marketplace, supporting Testifi's sales team with yet another option to close the deal.

LUNA’s contribution

Product Strategy
UI/UX Design
Frontend Development
Backend Co-Development
API Development

Project in numbers


Ratio of Fotune500 companies using Atlassian’s Jira product and addressable through Jira plugins


Amount of existing standalone product which could be re-purposed for plugin development


Sales increase due to easier adaption for prospects already using Jira for software development


The primary challenge was the need to shorten the sales cycle of Testifi’s software product suite to make it more appealing to potential clients operating within DevOps environments. A key requirement was to have a solution ready in a short turnaround time, which ideally leveraged the existing product and its backend logic. 

This necessitated an innovative approach to enhance the product’s attractiveness while ensuring it could be seamlessly integrated into clients’ existing workflows without necessitating significant new development work.

A core business challenged remained: Getting clients and users to work in yet another tool.


In collaboration with the project team, we undertook comprehensive research to understand the toolsets used by Testifi’s existing customers and prospects. This revealed a significant preference for the Atlassian product portfolio, notably Jira and Confluence, within their DevOps environments.

The result was to develop a Jira plugin version of Testifi’s software testing solution. Availability through the Jira marketplace and the formation of strategic partnerships simplified the plugin’s integration into clients’ existing DevOps setups, which already extensively used Jira and related software testing plugins.

We devised a technology strategy that leveraged many components of the existing build for the Jira plugin, ensuring an efficient development process.

The plugin itself facilitates low-code test case creation, execution, and monitoring directly within Jira. Beyond improving time efficiency and supporting ongoing testing during development, it also optimizes development resources by enabling personnel with less specialization to undertake tasks typically consuming specialists’ time. This shift allows specialists to focus their expertise on more valuable tasks.

Implementing this strategy both strategically and operationally led to smoother onboarding processes, as clients did not need to adapt to an entirely new software system. Additionally, it contributed to easier sales processes and a noticeable reduction in sales time.

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