Skillflow – A tech brand identity created in record time

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Skillflow, a pioneering initiative from Tacterion, integrates proprietary tactile sensor technology and artificial intelligence into a smart glove designed to revolutionize blue-collar workspaces. It digitizes complex manual tasks that were previously hard to automate to optimize workforce efficiency.
Facing the challenge of presenting this innovative solution to investors and pilot clients alike, Tacterion required a comprehensive corporate identity that encompassed all aspects of skillflow — from its cutting-edge technology to its practical application in industrial settings – in less than three weeks.

LUNA’s contribution

Brand Strategy
Corporate Identity
Brand Style Guide
Graphic Design

Project in numbers


From first call to delivery of final marketing and sales materials


Tacterion faced a pressing challenge with the skillflow project: they had just three weeks to develop a complete corporate brand identity before meeting with critical investors in Silicon Valley and prospect pilot clients.

This included creating a memorable name, logo and visual identity system that would resonate on all marketing materials and products themselves and convey the essence of precision, German engineering, and the key challenges the product aimed to address.

The brand identity had to be consistent across all pitch materials, the website, and other collateral. Furthermore, the visual implementation of the to be crafted brand storyline needed to reflect the high-tech nature of the product while also being practical for varied applications.


Our collaborative solution was to lead and establish a streamlined work plan focusing on efficient review and decision-making loops with the leadership team.

This approach enabled the rapid development of a corporate identity within the tight deadline.

We engaged in co-creational sessions with the Tacterion team, ensuring that the skillflow identity not only embodied the desired attributes but also harmonized with the mother brand of Tacterion.

The final branding strategy intricately wove the dualities of skillflow’s advanced technology and its human-centric approach into a cohesive visual narrative.

The corporate identity was complemented by a flexible, recognizable modular layout and characteristic branded elements for diverse formats like pitch decks, website and further collateral and marketing materials. The logo was developed in various forms, including its wordmark and claim and variations with distinctive picture marks, ensuring strong brand recognition across multiple platforms and applications.