Spray, clean, repeat – Redefining eco-friendly cleaning

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PURE introduces an eco-friendly reusable spray bottle with an iconic design for household cleaning. By using tap water and replaceable cleaning tablets, it eliminates the need for disposable bottles, reducing waste and microplastic pollution. This innovative approach combines aesthetics with functionality, making PURE not just a cleaning product but also a statement piece in any room.

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The ratio of water to other ingredients in a standard cleaning solution


Approximate annual waste from empty spray bottles in the US alone


The cleaning industry faces a pressing challenge: the overwhelming use of single-use plastic bottles, which contribute significantly to environmental pollution and waste.

Most conventional cleaning products consist of more than 99% water, leading to unnecessary plastic consumption and disposal after a single use. This not only exacerbates the issue of plastic waste but also overlooks the potential for microplastic pollution, further harming ecosystems.

The need for a more sustainable, eco-friendly cleaning solution is evident, one that minimizes waste without compromising on cleanliness and design aesthetics.


PURE offers an innovative solution: a reusable spray bottle characterized by its sleek, iconic design, making it a perfect fit for any modern home.

Designed for durability, the PURE bottle leverages tap water and concentrated cleaning pills, serving as an eco-friendly alternative to single-use plastic bottles. This method significantly cuts down on plastic waste and microplastic pollution.

Users can easily refill the bottle with water and insert a new pill, which is punctured as the bottle is reassembled, allowing the cleaning concentrate to mix with the water. The bottle features a flexible lever mechanism to minimize parts and a rotational nozzle that supports two spray modes, ensuring a sustainable and effective cleaning experience.

The design of the bottle itself is both functional and aesthetically pleasing, ensuring that it not only serves its purpose but also enhances the space it occupies. PURE represents a significant leap towards a more sustainable cleaning industry, blending environmental responsibility with elegant design.