Outbidding the NFT trading competition

NFT Butler
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NFTButler is an innovative software designed for high-stakes NFT trading, enabling users to automatically place large-scale bids across NFT markets to secure high-value assets at base prices. This automation gives users a distinct trading advantage, capitalizing on the rapid and lucrative NFT trading scene where understanding market values can significantly enhance profitability.

LUNA’s contribution

Product Strategy
UI/UX Design
Frontend Development

Project in numbers


Increase in paid conversions from within the software


Increase of Daily Active Users (DAU)


Less clicks needed to reach target


NFTButler’s initial proof of concept demonstrated the powerful potential of their software, but users faced significant barriers to fully leveraging its capabilities.

The user experience (UX) was far from ideal, with a plethora of features that were either hidden or too complex to understand, leading to underutilization and missed profit opportunities.

The organic growth of the platform resulted in a fragmented user interface (UI) with no guiding principles, making it challenging for users to navigate and effectively use the system.

Additionally, the lack of responsiveness across various devices hindered accessibility, further complicating user interaction and satisfaction.


To address these issues, a comprehensive UX overhaul was implemented. The first step involved streamlining the interface by removing unnecessary elements and establishing a clear information hierarchy, making it easier for users to find and use different features.

User-Interface components were redesigned to create familiar navigation patterns, reducing the learning curve and enhancing user comfort.

Our team also provided consulting and development support to boost frontend implementation and best practices, which significantly improved the frontend experience and responsiveness of the platform on different screens—essential for users who operate on multiple monitors or mobile devices.

Co-creational sessions led to a well planned phased rollout of updates, starting with easily implementable improvements and progressively introducing more complex features with ongoing support.

This strategy not only maintained user engagement through consistent improvements but also solidified NFTButler’s position as a cutting-edge tool in the fast paced web3 NFT market.