Enriching NEFF’s oven experience with animations and a purist classic mode

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NEFF introduced a groundbreaking advancement in kitchen technology with its new line of appliances featuring the Flex Control user interface. This innovative system dynamically adapts across different devices, whether interacting through touchscreens, rocker switches, or the unique TwistPad—a magnetic dial that attaches to the display. The focus of the project was to further push the interface with sophisticated motion designs and animations, enriching the interface with a visually engaging classic mode that activates with dual TwistPads.

LUNA’s contribution

Motion Design
User Interface Design
User Experience Design

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The development of NEFF’s new Flex Control User Interface presented exciting opportunities to enhance the user experience through advanced animations and motion designs. 

An additional focus was exploring the feasibility and functionality of an oven operating with two TwistPads attached simultaneously—one on each side of the display. This scenario aimed to extend the interface’s versatility and meet diverse cooking preferences.


To address these opportunities, we introduced advanced motion designs and engaging animations with simplified asset solutions which are executable within the appliance’s strict hardware limitations.

These designs included lively details such as flying sparks during heating phases, which visually emphasize ongoing functions, and integrating NEFF’s new corporate pattern into distinctive animations for increased brand recognition, for example during the appliance’s startup.

We also developed a unique “hidden” classic UI mode with the NEFF team that becomes accessible only when two TwistPads are attached. This mode offers a seamless transition from the regular, feature-rich interface to a minimalistic, classic and timeless user interface design, focusing on essential cooking controls.

This approach allows culinary purists to interact with their appliances in a tactile manner, reminiscent of traditional cooking experiences, yet enhanced with modern technology and feedbacks.

Besides in the kitchen the dual TwistPad classic mode has been particularly effective in attracting attention during live demonstrations and trade shows, proving its value as both a functional and promotional feature.