Bringing the new NEFF collection of kitchen appliances to life

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For NEFF's new line of kitchen appliances, we developed photorealistic CGI images and videos tailored for launch events and advertising initiatives. With products still undergoing final tweaks, traditional photography and videography were not feasible.

Our CGI solutions not only highlighted the innovative features of the appliances but also allowed for visuals that would be difficult or overly costly to achieve through live-action. This approach enabled a rapid time-to-market, versatility in application across different media, and the flexibility to make last-minute changes without incurring the costs of reshoots. The content was designed to be adaptable, ensuring it could be effectively utilized in social media campaigns and other marketing strategies.

LUNA’s contribution

Content Strategy
Art Direction
3D Visualization
3D Animation
Motion Design
Video Production

Project in numbers


Independence from physical production samples during content creation


Cost savings compared to regular physical photo and video production


Output increase of marketable content compared to regular photo and video production


The NEFF kitchen appliance project was marked by several distinct challenges. One being that product details were undergoing final refinements so final physical samples for content production were hard to come by.

Additionally there was a pressing need for content that not only clearly showcased the appliances’ newest features and differentiation factors but also conveyed a high quality feel.

This included detailing the Flex Design feature with its interchangeable elements, like customizable metal applications, and Flex Control—a magnetically detachable physical control element that changes the user interface between touch-only and attached modes. Highlighting the innovative NEFF Slide & Hide feature, which enables the oven door to fully retract, and showcasing an intuitive, visually impactful adaptive User Interface were also essential.

These components required sophisticated representation to emphasize NEFF’s advancements in appliance technology and to distinguish these products in a competitive market.


To tackle these comprehensive challenges, our approach utilized advanced CGI technology. This allowed for the detailed, photorealistic portrayal of NEFF’s innovative products and features, effectively highlighting the premium quality and distinctive advantages of the appliances.

CGI’s adaptability facilitated numerous iterations and accommodated last-minute design alterations, crucial for illustrating various product and design features in a manner that matched NEFF’s high standards.

Importantly, this strategy not only ensured that all critical aspects were communicated effectively across various marketing platforms but also brought about a significant, positive side effect: despite an increase in content output and shortened implementation times, there was a substantial reduction in costs. Additionally, the CGI content was easily adaptable to various formats, including vertical orientation for optimal display on different platforms.

This outcome underscored the efficiency and effectiveness of using CGI technology in product marketing, delivering high-quality, engaging content while simultaneously optimizing budget allocation.