Democratizing high-tech gait analysis with the ReGo mobile app

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ReGo by Moticon is reshaping the landscape of gait and motion analysis with its revolutionary mobile application and wireless sensor insoles. With over 100 whitepapers published from institutions like Standford University, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) or Novartis this new tool eliminates the need for cumbersome, expensive gait labs and opens up high-quality, clinically valid data collection to a broader audience. Designed to be accessible and user-friendly, ReGo enables precise motion analysis on-the-go, supporting a wide range of users from clinical researchers to sports therapists.

LUNA’s contribution

Customer Insights
Product Strategy
UI/UX Design
Graphic Design
App Development
Frontend Development
Backend Development
API Development
User Testing
Video Production
Photo Production

Project in numbers


Cost reduction of start investment for comparable equipment to enable clinical grade gait analysis and testing


Faster throughput in terms of total time needed from setup, test execution and receiving actionable test results and insights


to define third KPI


Moticon faced the challenge of developing a mobile application that could bring their leading sensor insole technology directly to users in an intuitive and accessible way.

The goal was to democratize the complex, scientific process of gait analysis, making it easy for users without a scientific background to conduct and benefit from reliable, clinical-quality assessments.

The application needed to accommodate a diverse range of settings and use cases without becoming overwhelming or overly complex for the average user. Furthermore, it was essential to find effective methods to communicate test results to users, ensuring that various standardized test procedures were simple to access and perform.

Also finding pragmatic solutions for defining a technology architecture which would allow easier maintenance on the two leading mobile platforms, iOS and Android, was key.


The development of the ReGo app marks a significant evolution in gait and motion analysis, making clinical-grade assessments accessible beyond traditional lab settings. 

Coaches, therapists, and researchers can use well-regarded scientific assessment tests with their patients and athletes across a range of applications, from clinical trials and prevention to rehabilitation, back-to-sports and back-to-competition. This can be accomplished in significantly less time and at a much lower cost.

This project involved building up app development expertise within Moticon, with our team co-developing the complete app experience, covering both the frontend and backend components. This collaboration ensured a seamless and intuitive user interface coupled with a robust backend capable of handling complex data analytics and Moticon’s proprietary algorithm technologies.

Developed using Flutter, the app allows for consistent and reliable updates across both iOS and Android platforms, enhancing the user experience by maintaining a single codebase. This approach not only simplified the development and maintenance process but also speeds up the time-to-market for new features and updates.

The ReGo app democratized access to advanced gait analysis by integrating mobile technology with Moticon’s sensor insoles, providing standardized, objective data in a field previously dominated by subjective analysis. 

The app’s design simplifies the user experience, enabling those without technical expertise to perform and benefit from professional-level motion analysis. Automated reporting features paired with realtime feedbacks during execution deliver actionable insights supporting effective treatment and rehabilitation planning.

Additionally, we consulted on the overall product strategy, helping Moticon shift from a hardware-based sales model to an innovative digital revenue stream. This new model includes a pay-per-test system, which allows for flexible usage rates and opens up additional revenue channels.

Remote testing capabilities further enhance the app’s value, offering the ability to conduct tests and access results from anywhere in the world, which is especially beneficial for remote clinical trials and supporting global athletic teams.

By merging technical innovation with strategic business modeling, the ReGo app not only meets current market demands but also sets new standards in accessibility and data reliability, paving the way for broader adoption of mobile health diagnostics in daily healthcare and professional sports environments.