Mommymove’s empowering approach to postpartum fitness

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For Mommymove we designed and developed an innovative fitness app tailored specifically for women post-pregnancy, addressing the unique challenges they face in regaining their pre-pregnancy fitness levels. The solution comes at a crucial time when many new mothers struggle with physical recovery and the demands of motherhood, providing a personalized and adaptive training regimen that fits into the unpredictable schedule of a new parent and reduces the risk of common postnatal health issues.

LUNA’s contribution

Customer Insights
Product Strategy
User Interface Design
User Experience Design
Frontend Development
Backend Development
Algorithm Development
App Development
Content Production
Video Production
Photo Production
Corporate Identity

Project in numbers


above average (1.3-2.4%) install-to-purchase conversion rate due to optimized app flows and UX


Apple App Store features in various countries and named as one of Apple’s new favorite apps 


above average user rating in the Apple App Store


Postpartum women face numerous physical challenges. Therefore engaging in regular physical activity is essential for new moms to support their recovery and in preventing broader health issues down the line.

Additionally, the stigma surrounding postpartum conditions means many women suffer in silence, unaware of the importance of tailored exercises that can aid in recovery.

Time constraints and unpredictable daily routines with a newborn make regular training sessions challenging, often requiring support that is not always available.

The Mommymove team sought a design and technical partner to realize their vision of a specialized personal coach, tailored to dynamically adapt to the unique needs of this distinct user group.


To address the numerous challenges faced by postpartum women, we conducted an in-depth user research and designed and coded for Mommymove a comprehensive mobile app for iOS and Android together with a meticulously training system developed with sports scientists and midwives.

With the app we co-developed a sophisticated algorithm that adapts to the individual recovery needs and limitations of each mother, ensuring workouts are both safe and effective. 

Tailored to the special needs of new moms

Unlike traditional fitness apps that focus on peak performance, Mommymove promotes gentle, restorative activity, essential for strengthening the pelvic floor and enhancing overall well-being.

Tailored to the unique needs and limitations of new mothers Mommymove helps women better understand and evaluate topics like their pelvic floor strength, empowering them with knowledge and tools to manage and improve their condition effectively. 

Production of a content library of hundreds of training tutorial videos

Mommymove includes hundreds of exercises and video tutorials produced by LUNA that clearly communicate each workout, enabling mothers to make the most of short time windows and integrate fitness seamlessly into their busy schedules.

Made to last

As a mother progresses in her recovery and physical limitations from childbirth become less significant, the Mommymove app seamlessly transitions into more demanding workouts and exercise routines, akin to those found in standard women’s fitness applications. This smooth progression eliminates any abrupt transition between recovery-focused exercises and more intense physical activities, allowing users to build upon their earlier achievements and continue using Mommymove long after their initial recovery phase.  

Additional features such as progress tracking and motivational tools keep users engaged and committed to their health and fitness goals.